Friday, October 23, 2009

13WK Pound 50.6 Pounds

Her weight drives me crazy, I wonder y it varies? Could it be her clothes? I dont wanna take her pic each wk in same clothes. I dont want yall thinkin I cant afford clothes. Hppefully she aint gettin sick again, say your prayers.

12WK 52.6 Pounds

Good grief up down up down, that girl drives me crazy.

WK 11 53.2pounds

Up Up she goes where she stops nobody knows.

WK 10 52.6 pounds

Shes up some more this week hope she keeps at it.

WK 9 51.3 pounds

Antibiotics worked shes back up some.

8wk 49.0 pounds

We was sick this wk got some antibotics. Hopefully itll help.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

7 wk

Well we did get some weight back, not quite what I wanted but beggers cant be choosers. Anyway were back on track n hopefully no more side roads she wants to take. Just keep her in prayers as well as her sister for health these winter months.